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Welcome home retreat

A new welcome home retreat aimed at graduated DTS students from Sweden is in the making!
Tell your Swedish friends!

May 2024

It’s a weekend of relaxation, worship, and most importantly fellowship.


One of the strengths of DTS is the live-learn environment that creates strong bonds. It can be tough coming home and recognising that you might not be so surrounded by people who understand what you’ve experienced, learned and grown into.


This retreat is a space to meet and connect with people who get YWAM, but don’t live on the other side of the world.

When: 17th - 19th April
Where: YWAM Restenäs
Cost: 650kr
Register by: April 3rd


We’re also excited to create an opportunity for YWAM Sweden to meet the Swedes who have been learning and serving in YWAM internationally.


Become a familiar face! That way we who work in YWAM Sweden can support you in whatever step you take next, as well as sharing opportunities for you to still be involved in missions from here in Sweden.

So get in touch if you have any questions!


Or register straight away, we can’t wait to meet you in April!

We will run a new Welcome home retreat this spring!
Stay tuned for dates and more info.
A way to connect to YWAM in Sweden if you happened to do your DTS
 somewhere else in the world.


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